OMR: Quality, Performance and Technology in Precision Machining since 1962

O.M.R. S.r.l. is a Company with a 50-year experience in the manufacturing and assembly industry, the latter upon customer’s request, of a wide range of mechanical fittings which are mainly machined through stock-removing machines. The Company meets any needs of its wide spectrum of customers. Thanks to its flexibility, it supplies different industries ranging from traditional to cutting edge ones.
To meet any clients need and deadline by keeping its prices competitive in the precision engineering market, OMR can rely on its extensive experience in the production of small lathed components. Its experience is the key to fulfil its customers’ expectations. O.M.R. S.r.l. employs 25 people. Its managing headquarters and commercial and administrative divisions are located in Val Brembilla, near Bergamo, Italy.

O.M.R. Technology family
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