Turning and Machining Technology for the Highest Precision in the Production of Small Lathed Components

Continuous improvement and updating of machinery and facilities, skilled technical staff, automated processes, quality control of any step involved in operations and extensive experience in the industry are the Company’s main assets. The company carries out articulated machining works by rigorously respecting requested tolerances. Flexibility and reliability are its distinguishing features.

OMR employs skilled technical staff and specific machines and equipment to produce parts and assemblies with geometric dimensions and tolerances of a few millimetres. Complex components are machined using grinding machines for external diameters.

The Company works on a wide range of different materials, from stainless and free cutting steels, to brass, copper, bronze, any aluminium and nickel-iron alloys and 2 to 38 mm thick plastic materials.
The efficient rotary transfer machines equipped with clamps and grippers are used for secondary machining operations on lathed pieces or pieces forged by customers.

To be the ideal partner that its customers expect, the Company integrates its precise engineering services with further supplementary services: in-house barrelling and sand blasting operations or coatings and thermal and galvanic treatments which are carried out by qualified outsourcers.

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